Ayurveda Workshops

Ayurveda is actually the oldest continuously practiced health-care system in the world. Originating in India, more than 5,000 years ago, Ayurveda is built upon an understanding that all natural beings, including humans, live by the same laws and rhythms. It seeks to understand our deepest connections to the whole universe and how the universe’s energies influence our health.

The Ayurvedic worldview is based on five elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth. Space and earth are static; air, fire and water are dynamic or always changing. Each element has specific energies that govern its functions. While we all have each of these elements in us, we have them in slightly different proportions, making each of us unique inside and out.

One of its most important lessons is about balance. Ayurveda believes that when the natural laws associated with our elemental make-up are ignored imbalances appear. These imbalances are the precursor to disharmony and disease in the mind and body.

An example that most of us can relate to is sugar consumption. We know that sugar causes inflammation and that inflammation is one of the leading causes of disease, yet many of us choose to ignore this “rule” and eat far more sugar than is good for our health. The imbalance in our bodies caused by our excessive sugar intake manifests itself in symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, skin problems, on-going pain, constipation, diarrhea, weight gain, intolerances to food and other things in nature, depression and high blood pressure to name just a few.

Yet rather than look at our mental, emotional and physical health problems as a sign that our body is not in a state of equilibrium we tend to just treat the symptoms associated with these issues, not the underlying imbalance. As one problem is treated another one appears as the body tries to communicate the real problem at hand. The cycle continues until the root cause is finally uncovered, usually after we’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness.

By taking into account each of our unique psychological, emotional, and physical conditions, as well as our environments (for example, maybe your office is a high stress workplace), Ayurveda teaches us to recognize the signs that the elements in our body are out-of-balance. It offers guidance on how to heal our imbalances and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. Its goal is to help us achieve greater wellness and maintain better health through prevention.

Ayurveda encourages us to see the interactions and connections between our body and environmental systems. It pushes us to think holistically. The core lessons are relevant to anyone seeking better health and vitality.

Introduction to the Doshas

How does my Dosha affect my health and choice

2 hours 


What are the qualities of Vata-Pitta-Kapha

How does Vata, Pitta and Kapha contribute to misuse of the 5 senses?

What are there foremost crimes against wisdom?

What effect does this have regarding Parinama?

Ayurveda and Aromatherapy

2 hours 

Introduction to Aromatherapy 

What oils are beneficial for my current state.

What oils are beneficial for my prakruti

We will learn to make your own salt scrub infused with oils to balance your vikruti 

We will learn how to make your own massage oil infused with oils to balance your prakruti

What oils can help me during the season

Yoga To Support My Prakruti

2.5 hours


Each of us has a unique balance of the 5 Elements

and 3 Doshas and this balance is called our constitution. The 3 doshas are the fundamental biological energies governing the functions of the body and mind and are called vatta, pitta and kapha. Knowledge of our constitution is fundamental for staying healthy. 


Find out your tendencies and your prakruti, and learn what Yoga practice you benefit from, which poses can help bring balance to your life and wellbeing and health. This workshop will include a 30 min practice for each Dosha.

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