Never Betray Youself

Hi friends it is my privilege and honor to connect with you this week from Orange County. I am here with 2,000 friends of my Tribe recording a convention being of Service. This week’s message is when doors close whether it's a job, relationships, etc. Always know all is in Divine order. There is only love and lessons in all situations. No matter what always be true to yourself. We set the foundation of how others treat us. If we don't love or respect ourselves, we can't expect others to do so. In Al-Anon, a 12 Step program, there is a saying if you don't want to be a doormat where people walk on you get up of the floor. This is a Great Visualization of why it's necessary to set loving bounda

Love Yourself and Allow Miracles to Happen

Hi Friends, I am so happy to connect with you this week through my blog. I hope your week has been Wonderful. This last Monday I heard from Hay House and things are moving forward for the release of the book “How to get your life back” that I am writing with Doreen Virtue. I have been preparing for this for quite a while. I know I was born to do this! I give all the Glory to God and my angels. Being forever grateful, especially to the people who believe in me. That hasn't always been the case. Deep down inside I have always been a good person which I believe is the essence of all humans. During my younger years I did get caught up in alcoholism and drug addiction. It has been a long journey,

Taking that next indicated step

Hi friends it's me again Thank you for joining me this week on my blog. I am so excited to connect with you in this avenue. This week I have been guided to share about taking that next indicated step. Some may question what exactly am I supposed to do from here? It may have to do with any given situation with life purpose, goal or even a project. Well I am here to say by just waiting for it to completely be laid out before you step by step isn't how your Creator and Angels work. All you need to do to get to where you have been divinely guided is take that leap of faith. Then when you do so that is when the next indicated step will be revealed to you by your divine team. Trust the process. Th

I am stepping out of my comfort zone

Hi Dear Friend here I am stepping out of my comfort zone on a whole new level. I love Angels. They have been making their presence known to me for a very long time. Upon reflection I realize I wasn't always aware of that. The more I go inward with meditation and prayer I work with them continually on a daily basis. Throughout the last few months they have been guiding me to blog at first I let them know I will get around to it. AsI just finished a writing deadline for a book that I have the honor and privilege of Co-Authoring with Doreen Virtue it's called How to get your life back. Based on healing with addictions with God and your Angels through Divine Guidance. It will be published by Ha

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