Being Awake

Being Awake, Living in the Light of our life purpose. There is a higher order in life that we need to follow. There is a consciousness and a power bigger than we are. It’s here inside of us, and you don’t have to go looking far for what you were seeking. “Look within,” know who you are and there will be peace. Peace of mind, body, and soul by being connected to your Source. We just need to let it in. “God is within” every woman, man, and child. Within all living beings. This process will change you from within. It’s a way of life to practice Love and God Consciousness. Meditate daily and practice the presence of God. You have decided to return to Love. This is a decision to return to Oneness

Guardians and Angels of the 12 Steps

Most religions and spiritual practices have the Essence of Spiritual Principles to live by. A map for taking the higher road, focusing on the beauty that resides in you. In every woman, man and child is the Essence of God. We are all God’s children whether we are aware of it or not. One of the greatest movements of our time are the 12 steps. They are a roadmap to go within and set ourselves free, to get in touch with our true nature, Love. The 12 steps cover a multitude of issues whatever the human nature deals with when our instincts have become distorted. They offer a path to follow for a spiritual awakening. "How To Get Your Life Back" will offer you some insight and let you know you are

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