Restorative Meditation

Yoga Nidra with Brigitte Parvin


Yoga Nidra is the art of conscious deep relaxation. The body is asleep but the mind is awake and an active participant in the healing process. In this state, you can access the subtle flow of energy called prana in your body and use your awareness to remove blockages and support the Healing of your body and mind. With proper guidance you will be astounded at what you can do to restore your energy

and heal yourself. 

Total play time 45:03min

A Mystical Journey To The Heart


Let Brigitte Guide you to your Authentic Self, remove blocks, and discard that which no longer serves you. In this meditation you will get to lay down your weapons and pick up new tools to use on your life's journey. Let Brigitte's gentle voice carry you into a Wonderful place of Peace, Freedom, and Forgiveness. With soft soundscapes and sound healing techniques using tuning forks, crystal and Tibetan bowls, and bells that will move you through the journey. 

You will feel Re-Freshened and Lighter.

Total play time 27:00min

The Golden Ratio of Sound


The use of sound as a vehicle for healing is being recognized within a wide variety of healing modalities and systems. Truly, it seems that sound has a "voice" that is rising from the very heart of the cosmos to offer its gifts! Throughout time and across all cultures, music and sound have been an integral part of ceremony, ritual, and healing. In every cosmology and mythology sound is a major link, the carrier wave between the world of the spirit and the people of Earth. Sound travels 5 times faster in water. The human body is a perfect resonator of sound given that its water content is almost 70%, which makes the body an extremely viable receptor of resonance! Our bones and marrow also have high water content. As sound is conducted deep within the body, we connect with the body's marrow. This connection helps us gain access to the intelligence of the stem cells, which can affect cellular regeneration and restructuring.


Some benefits of the

The Golden Ratio Attunement are:


-Open gateways into alternate realities and to explore higher states of consciousness in order to empower a creative healing response.

-Precise balancing, alignment and tuning of the whole energetic system.

-Accessing your original energy *blue print* to aid in healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual trauma.

-Completion and healing of old habits and patterns that no longer serve.


Suggested play back:

These tracks are a Fibonacci series of frequencies that accually expand space. The longer they are played the greater and more sustaining the expantion. To experience this effect close your eyes and play a track for a little bit.  Then stop the track. You can feel the collaps of the area. Each track progressively adds frequencies. The sample tracks are one minute long. You may also just let the tracks play through with your eyes closed. You will be in for a bit of a surprise when it stops. You may want to use caution and reduce the volume on the third track if you are not used to high frequencies.

Total play time 75:00min

The Peace Prayer of St. Francis

Doug leads you in with the Didgeridoo for grounding and centering then guides you into the traditional Pray of St. Francis. Then Brigitte leads you through a revised version of the prayer where you own and internalize the Beauty and Intention of the prayer.

Total play time 20:33min

Angel Affirmations


Let Brigitte guide you on an inward journey to awaken your spiritual power to heal yourself, loved ones, and any situation in which you seem to find yourself. Fully awaken your gifts of psychic insight, as you are a holy child of the Infinite Wisdom. In this meditation you will learn positive affirmations for each of the individual chakras. A great way to begin or end your day. These affirmations will stay with you throughout your day to help remind you to stay balanced and centered. Brigitte’s lovely voice and a beautiful soundscape will ease you into a place of peace

and relaxation.

Total play time 24:06min

Pure Crystal Bowl 

Chakra Clearing


Pure Crystal Bowl Chakra Clearing is just that. Seven crystal bowls being played for 8:00 minutes each allowing you to bathe in each chakra cleansing and clearing that which has served its purpose and releasing it on a wave of crystal vibration.

Practitioners may also enjoy this CD to accompany them in there practice.

Total play time 56:00min

Please note that some of these frequencies or tones may not sound like they are playing (esp. trk3 & trk4). This is due to them being outside of the speaker capacity of computers, tablets, & phones.

Try listening through headphones or external (bluetooth) speakers.


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