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Traveling Light

 While I was in a zoom meeting this week, preparing to speak about Emotional Sobriety, I noticed that somebody had on their screen this saying, "Yesterday is heavy, put it down."

I loved it so much that I wrote it down.

While meditating on it, I started to reflect on the simple truth that we only have 24 hrs in a day. This brought a deeper level of attention that dragging around thoughts and feelings of the past has no room in my life today. To give so much time and attention to the past is like dragging around big rocks! That is a tough and exhausting thing to do!

Of course, letting the past go and living in the present is easier said than done. By focusing on the present, I am not in such a hurry. I can do simple things and create joy around me by taking care of my surroundings, watering the plants, washing dishes, and making a nourishing meal.

That is where traveling light comes from. Living in the past would create depression while living or projecting the future creates anxiety.

I want to practice being right here right now. Being present is the key. 

Oh, it is so freeing, just thinking about it! I feel like I can breathe...

While reflecting, I can say most of the things I had worried about took care of themselves, and honestly, I was not in control of it anyway. Often, six months down the road, I can not remember what it was that I was so worried about because it all worked out better than I had planned!

What are some things you practice to assist with living in the moment?

Surrounding You with Angelic Love,


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