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1 Merlinite (aka: Indigo Gabbro) Palmstone

1 Merlinite (aka: Indigo Gabbro) Palmstone


Intuitively Picked for You


Merlinite (aka: Indigo Gabbro)

Merlinite aka Indigo Gabbro is believed to be a stone of instinct, past life recall, and magic. It is thought to protect against negative energies and dispel spiritual threats.


It is said that Merlinite assists us in combining both heavenly and earthly energies in a harmonious way.


Merlinite is said to  also help in balancing the masculine and feminine energies.


This stone can encourage one to enlighten the mind and heart.

It works with all the chakras, and especially the third eye. 

Also, Merlinite aka Indigo Gabbro is an incredibly grounding stone that allows us to channel the energy of the Earth to create a protective energetic shield. Because Indigo Gabbro has such a quick and powerful influence on the deepest parts of our Soul, it also provides this protection to ensure we are grounded, connected, and protected.

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