I am stepping out of my comfort zone

March 5, 2016


Hi Dear Friend here I am stepping out of my comfort zone on a whole new level.  I love Angels. They have been making their presence known to me for a very long time. Upon reflection I realize I wasn't always aware of that. The more I go inward with meditation and prayer I work with them continually on a daily basis. Throughout the last few months they have been guiding me to blog at first I let them know I will get around to it. AsI just finished a writing deadline for a book that I have the honor and privilege of Co-Authoring with Doreen Virtue it's called How to get your life back. Based on healing with addictions with God and your Angels through Divine Guidance. It will be published by Hay House. The nudging that they have been giving me to blog have been getting stronger and stronger. I am just following the guidance knowing it will take on a life of its own as I trust the process. Have you ever been guided to do something and been consumed by fear? That is a normal feeling orchestrated by the ego. The voice that speaks to you saying well who do you think you are writing? Well I have come to the conclusion my Ego isn't my Amigo! The voice of the divine says start writing You Can Do It! We are with you every step of the way for your life purpose. We are here to fulfill your hearts desires because the vision is pure it is Divine you were born to do this! Angels Thank you for believing in me and to you my friend reading this Thank you for walking shoulder to shoulder with me on this journey. We are in this Together!


Surrounding you with Divine Love, Brigitte Parvin