Taking that next indicated step

March 12, 2016

Hi friends it's me again Thank you for joining me this week on my blog. I am so excited to connect with you in this avenue. This week I have been guided to share about taking that next indicated step. Some may question what exactly am I supposed to do from here? It may have to do with any given situation with life purpose, goal or even a project. Well I am here to say by just waiting for it to completely be laid out before you step by step isn't how your Creator and Angels work. All you need to do to get to where you have been divinely guided is take that leap of faith. Then when you do so that is when the next indicated step will be revealed to you by your divine team. Trust the process. Through tuning in you will be inspired. Remember it won't be a long dialogue it will come through as a nudging where you will clearly hear, see, know or feel beyond a shadow of a doubt you are on the right path. By doing this I have never been led astray. Go out on a limb that is where the Miracles happen. When your angels wake you up at 4:00 am to write that blog and you think Oh but I want to sleep and I will do that when I wake up. Remembering the ideas will be easy. I follow that guidance knowing they will do the typing as I tune into what they want me to share with you. What messages or ideas have you been getting lately? Please share with me as when we do we grow our wings together not being weighed down by fear. We are able to take flight with our life purpose. Have a Beautiful week and Shine Bright spreading love not fear.


Surrounding you with Angelic Love,



And when I was done I looked up at the clock the time was 444 Oh Angels I Love you and I certainly know you love me. Now I am off to sleep.