Love Yourself and Allow Miracles to Happen

Hi Friends, I am so happy to connect with you this week through my blog. I hope your week has been Wonderful. This last Monday I heard from Hay House and things are moving forward for the release of the book “How to get your life back” that I am writing with Doreen Virtue. I have been preparing for this for quite a while. I know I was born to do this! I give all the Glory to God and my angels. Being forever grateful, especially to the people who believe in me. That hasn't always been the case. Deep down inside I have always been a good person which I believe is the essence of all humans. During my younger years I did get caught up in alcoholism and drug addiction. It has been a long journey, twenty-three years. Starting first with my issues on codependency, then two years later facing alcoholism and drug addiction. Through Divine guidance I always knew right from wrong that this was my true nature, yet when I was caught up in the cycle it was difficult to find my way out. Through hitting a bottom along with a process soul searching with recovery. Our lives can Miraculously change. I am looking so forward to sharing my journey with you! This week in meditation this came to me "Love yourself enough that if a situation feels uncomfortable know that there are choices such as Accept, Change, or Eliminate it." What has your Creator and angels been guiding you with this week? Please share with me.

Surrounding you with Divine Love,

Brigitte Parvin

Brigitte's Book

How To Get Your Life Back

is now available on

Kindle or in Paperback!

Addiction can take many forms, but all of them require recovery. No matter your life story or your situation, you can find hope in knowing that there are others who have been where you are and have come through it—and they are not just surviving, they’re thriving.


How to Get Your Life Back is a collection of true stories that are full of hope, freedom, and the promise of a bright future—stories that encompass every type of addiction, every individual journey, and every walk of life. However, they are all interwoven with a theme: you are not alone, you can be free, and you don’t have to do it on your own. God and your Angels are waiting nearby, ready for you to ask for the help needed to bring you from darkness into glorious light. They’re ready to help you find and become the person you were created to be and to live the life you were intended to live—as a member of your family, your community, your society.


Through surrender, support, and healing, you too can leave the darkness behind for good. Let these stories be an encouragement to those who need them and a promise of hope for future generations.

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