Never Betray Youself

March 26, 2016


Hi friends it is my privilege and honor to connect with you this week from Orange County. I am here with 2,000 friends of my Tribe recording a convention being of Service. This week’s message is when doors close whether it's a job, relationships, etc. Always know all is in Divine order. There is only love and lessons in all situations. No matter what always be true to yourself. We set the foundation of how others treat us. If we don't love or respect ourselves, we can't expect others to do so. In Al-Anon, a 12 Step program, there is a saying if you don't want to be a doormat where people walk on you get up of the floor. This is a Great Visualization of why it's necessary to set loving boundaries. Other people may not understand, and that is ok! The main part that is Fabulous, is you are taking care of yourself! When we honor ourselves others will do the same thing. If people have a tendency to walk on us I have learned to inventory what my part is. I am all about empowering ourselves and walking shoulder to shoulder on this journey giving and receiving is a two-way street. If you find yourself around takers, in mediation and prayer, ask for it to be revealed to you. Approval seeking or people pleasing is where one can lose themselves. If you find yourself in a situation that is uncomfortable, call on your Creator and Angels and surrender what it is in you that needs healing and start practicing letting it go. Remember to see yourself through the eyes of your Creator and Angels. You are a Child of God and nothing short of that. They certainly have your Best interest. That is to not Betraying yourself because you deserve Authentic relationships with all that first and foremost begins with Beautiful you! Have you had any situations that were uncomfortable in your life where you had to a change and felt alone? Please share your experience with me!


Surrounding you with Divine Love, Brigitte Parvin