Never Give Up

April 3, 2016


Hi friends I hope you have had a Beautiful week! I have really enjoyed it especially with the energies and guidance that I have been receiving from my Heavenly helpers and my angels. This week things have been moving forward at a pace where I have to really tune in and see what my priorities are with my life purpose. This is a Great thing. There has been a huge clearing and shift, like a white water rafting adventure. Ordinary things that were a regular routine and quite comfortable are no longer fitting. Some doors have closed and some were long overdue to close. I am assured that what I am opening my arms wide open and saying Yes to is my direction. No longer allowing distractions to throw me off course. I am continually and purposely moving forward. It's amazing when being in the midst of change and unknown territory I get to get guidance and direction from people who have walked this path before me. Instead of being frozen by fear reaching out for guidance allows me to take a deep breath in ask others on this path what to do next especially in this territory. These people who believe in me realize I can do it! And guess what with God and my angels by my side they are with me every step of the way. Never give up on your dreams. You've got them for a reason it is your Divine life purpose. If you don't know how to get from point A- Z just have the courage to take that first step in the direction of them. God and your angels will fill in the gaps. That is where the Miracles come in. Believe in yourself and your dreams as God and your angels believe in you. If your living on this earth-plane, you have purpose never forget that! What are you waiting for?

Surrounding you with Divine Love,