My Independence

July 5, 2016

    Hi friends it is July, and a beautiful time of year! Festivities, Family, and Friends here in the United States. Parties and barbecues are the rage! It's the peak of summer and packing in as much as you can is the norm.


    This is a time of inner reflection for me. My true Freedom of not being bound by addictions. It was 22 yrs ago when all of this exciting stuff was going on around me and I Totally hit rock bottom. Alcohol and drugs had consumed me like a blazing fire. The heat was on. Everyone around me knew there was a problem. I was the last to see it, until I saw the Light.


    Covering my tracks was hard and wore me out. Every time I got in a jam, I had a quick instinct to come up with a lie to get out. The only thing is those lies became my reality. Then I could not separate the Truth from the False. I believed that reality. I was so lonely inside. Looking around I thought how is everybody having such a good time? I was just out of control like a blazing fire running though people's lives.


    Well the truth is when you burn people it hurts them to be in your presence. These people loved me, yet I couldn't even love myself. I sought companions who also didn't love themselves. I was on a self-destructive path and so were they.


    Did you know that alcoholism is the only socially accepted form of suicide? I didn't either, until I had been there and done that! I am not perfect and I will always have opportunities for growth here on this earth plane. Do I have a fear of alcohol? You bet! It is a healthy fear my mentor has told me. I never want to go back to that place again.


    A person can be alive and not living life to the fullest. What I now have is an awareness not to play with that fire. I won't run into the forest fire without proper gear. I have escape routes, a plan of time limits to excuse myself, spiritual tools that get me out when it gets uncomfortable when the heat is on.


    I would love to know what helps you on your path through this journey! 


Surrounding you in Divine Love,

Brigitte Parvin