In Love We Trust

While I was Meditating this thought came to me. Light always dissolves darkness. Love always Wins.

While my husband Doug and I went to Wanderlust in Squaw Valley a couple of weeks ago I was given a sticker it was quoted by MC Yogi "In Love We Trust".

The amazing thing is when people gather together in this vision no matter what the words are there is great change.

I get messages from my Angels that say keep going encouraging me to not give up. It doesn't matter what people think or say about me for its between my Creator and Me. I just pray, meditate receive my guidance and go from there.

We all have this ability in us deep within. I send love and prayers to those in need and often I am also in need of them myself.

We are in this together to unite with our brothers and sisters of humanity. Coming together not being divisive. Together we are in it to win it! For Love always wins.

What are your ideas, thoughts or feelings you are getting on this? Please share!



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Addiction can take many forms, but all of them require recovery. No matter your life story or your situation, you can find hope in knowing that there are others who have been where you are and have come through it—and they are not just surviving, they’re thriving.


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Through surrender, support, and healing, you too can leave the darkness behind for good. Let these stories be an encouragement to those who need them and a promise of hope for future generations.

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