The Stigma Has Served Its Purpose

September 21, 2016


The Stigma has served its purpose. Now it is time to not be silent with addictions and alcoholism. The secret of addictions and alcoholism runs rampant throughout history and family’s. This is due to the shame and guilt along with heartache and secrets.


I remember when I first got into recovery and I was asked why do you need to go to meetings can't you just move along like it never happened? My answer was that would be like storing things in an attic or sweeping dirt under the carpet. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not there.


We all have skeletons in the closet dusty, brittle, dragging the bones around. When I first opened that closet door it was like a Pandora a box scary and frightening.


When I put it in its true perspective it was like an inflated boogeyman that didn't want me to see the light. Recovery has allowed me to see the light and address what was mine and what were others secrets.


 I am only responsible for the things I have recreated in my life. Other people's skeletons they have picked up on their Journey are their own. There was a time off in the distance where I wasn't aware of the difference.


When I opened that closet and looked at my past doing my best to make it right it no longer held me back. It seemed like an enormous task ahead yet when it was broken down step by step the process was doable.


In my Journey I have had experience observing the stigma that goes along with addiction and alcoholism and the number one thing is the guilt and shame due to the silence. With the rapid rate of our population we can no longer afford to be silent it must be brought to the light and exposed for what it truly is. Will you join me?


Much Love,


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