Celebrating 24 yrs of Recovery from Codependency

October 14, 2016


As I woke up this morning I am overflowed with Gratitude. This day, October 14th, 24 yrs ago I began the Journey of Recovery. I hit a bottom with my Codependency. It wasn't known at the time I was looking for answers for a relationship that I was in. Always pointing the finger knowing if only there wasn't the devastating fact that alcohol was between us. It was destroying our lives. I was unable to cope with life on a daily basis, a nervous wreck. I could not function in a normal capacity. A basket case is what I was described as years later by a friend who was at the very first meeting I went to. I will never forget his words when I finally stopped explaining the situation I was in that lead me there. He said Welcome you finally hit your bottom. I thought did he hear what I just said? Those words Welcome you finally hit your bottom imprinted on my heart soul and mind. I knew I was divinely guided there. I could not afford to look back. My life was at stake in more ways than one. Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. Many people don't know the impacts of Codependency its bottoms include physical ailments such as Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, frequent Emergency Room visits, Homicide and getting locked up in Mental Institutions. Some of us are taught don't air your dirty laundry or talk about the family secrets doing so betrays the Family. Religion and Cultural belief systems are ingrained in us. It is time for us to Shine light on this Stigma. Doing so will dissolve the shame and guilt. The only way we can do this is by joining together in the light connecting and no longer being Silent. We need to Shift this archaic way of thinking. It has served its purpose and it is time to Rise above the Stigma. Guilt and Shame are the lowest Vibrations. Let’s rise above with the Divine! Are you with me in this Celebration called Life? 


Through Love & Service,

Brigitte Parvin

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