Mending Broken Wings

October 25, 2016

Hi there.


I just wanted to cover something special with this week’s blog. I love it when my mentor says “let’s get the donkey out of the ditch then later we'll figure out how it got there.” It doesn't matter how the donkey got in the ditch let's just get it out and get the help that is needed.


I will never forget around Christmas time a friend and I were helping another alcoholic woman. We would feed her strawberry marshmallows to keep her blood sugar regulated as we were guided to while we were trying to get her in a detox facility.


The good news is she sober today. She needed help sobering up. Her wings were broken. We stuck together and got her the help she needed.


There is help available and I suggest asking for help, whatever it takes. It may be meetings, a Recovery Home, a Sober Living, Yoga of Recovery, or a Rehab the list goes on. Help is out there when it is needed


Only you can decide if you’re ready to recover and restore yourself and get back to your true nature. If your reading this and are like me, I didn’t know that help was available. I encourage you to not lose hope. There is a Tribe with broken wings waiting for you and together we can fly.

You are never alone you are always surrounded by God and angels. Just ask.


If you or a Loved one suffers from alcoholism or addictions, please share this with them. Together we make a difference? 


Through Love & Service,


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