Together We Can

Hi friends, just checking in and sharing what is on my heart today with you. So, we just got done with humongous elections in the United States as all of you know. That the world has been watching. Everybody knows about it on this planet.

As many of the people who attend my monthly Angel Circle know I was shown visions, thoughts, feelings, and unknowingness with this election. It’s all about the bigger picture here, and the players that were chosen were divinely the ones who were supposed to be. There is a change coming. Change is constant. The only thing that you can count on permanently is change. Knowing that I would like to share with you some of my experience in my journey of recovery. In the 12 step programs, they have something called traditions. Where we don't talk about any outside issues that would cause dissension or separation from one another for we all have that common bond to recover from my seemingly hopeless state of alcoholism. We are there for one another no matter what. That means our common welfare comes first personal recovery depends upon unity.

I am going to take that a step further. In this whole manner, there were two sides here. In knowing that there have been personalities coming through showing their passions, and their opinions. The beautiful thing is we all have that right to be individuals to have a voice to do as such. There is freedom in that and in doing so we need to honor and respect and not judge criticize or condemn this.

It is a call to Love much more than ever before for humanity needs to stay united and not be divided by what is going on. We are not only talking about the USA here; we’re talking about our planet and being a citizen of the world. My mentor says people will die on a hill for what they stand for with their opinion. In knowing so, we need to see our brothers and sisters in unity, whatever their decisions are.

My prayers, my thoughts, and my wishes are that this is a call for Love a call for Humanity to join together even more so. I have friends on both sides of the fence I love them no matter what. I did not delete anybody for their stance. On which side of the fence they were from. However, I did see between them. That separation and division it created. I do know the ones who know what their purposes is here on this on this earth plane need to be focused with prayer, action, and intentions.

So, as I go to work today I will do hair therapy along with my Angel readings being of maximum service to my brothers and sisters asking for God to show me and put me on a path for the day’s activities and who I'm supposed to be in contact with, reaching out my hand as they reach out theirs. We are here for one another standing shoulder to shoulder in Unity. Doing this thing called life. Living life to the fullest I put my trust in my Higher Power.

Have a beautiful day and know that you are loved,

Brigitte Parvin

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