Being Awake

Being Awake, Living in the Light of our life purpose. There is a higher order in life that we need to follow. There is a consciousness and a power bigger than we are. It’s here inside of us, and you don’t have to go looking far for what you were seeking. “Look within,” know who you are and there will be peace. Peace of mind, body, and soul by being connected to your Source. We just need to let it in. “God is within” every woman, man, and child. Within all living beings.

This process will change you from within. It’s a way of life to practice Love and God Consciousness. Meditate daily and practice the presence of God. You have decided to return to Love. This is a decision to return to Oneness with Humanity.

Many people call the 10th, 11th, and 12th steps the maintenance steps. Why would we want to maintain and stay the same? This is about a continual growth, which is a lifelong process. We will always have things come up in life. Life is always in session.

This is a process that helps assist us with living one day at a time. By taking a daily self-appraisal at any given time of the day. This helps us continually live in the Light with the presence of God in the angelic realm. You will get to know yourself in a whole new way by integrating with your higher self. By now you will have spiritual promises in your life. You will reconnect with your intuition and learn to trust it. Practice journaling your emotions. You will become more stable, helping you to live in the solution and not the problem. You may also want to use it as a tool that helps to process things very clearly. A daily self-appraisal is very enlightening to stay on course.

Here is where automatic writing comes in handy, when you have a difficulty just start by saying a prayer such as “Dear God and Archangel Michael I am asking for divine guidance in this situation” Write about what you’re holding onto, your interactions with other people, behaviors, or patterns. Do not judge or analyze what is coming through. Just write down whatever is coming out. There will be clarity, insight, and wisdom that will be revealed to you. Just set the intention, and it will happen.

This helps us to get out of ourselves and bring God in. This is powerful stuff. In this stage, the goal is to bring your human self to work in tandem with your higher self-developing harmony, peace, serenity, and love into your life and the lives of those around you.

With this truth-living and transparency, your path will continually be lit. You will know exactly which step to take. This is enlightenment. This means taking full responsibility for your life again or possibly for the very first time. Practicing this will bring Joy and Love to your being and life.

When we become addicted to things, we lose touch with our holiness. This keeps us in check to re-center and balance. Living life one day at a time while doing spot checks is like insurance. If I do it as a way of life, then I will have spiritual tools and principles as guides in my life.

Step 10 the grace of heaven will use you as a vehicle. Approval seeking and unhealthy dependency will fall away. With Gods help we will gain a quiet heart as we continue to set right current mistakes, thoughts, words, or actions in the spiritual realm. Our next job is to grow in effectiveness for humanity. This will continue for your lifetime. We are here to be enlightened human beings that are kind and transparent, aligned with God consciousness. By practicing this way of life is how we become enlightened, and the problem of addiction will be removed. Practicing this daily, and not with perfection, giving ourselves Grace and room to grow, seeing where we have made progress. We are all filled with the essence of God in our being. We are aligning with the presence of God in our lives. Live life out loud, this is Gods design and path for you. Rejoice and give thanks in all you do.

This is about giving back to life and humanity because we don’t want to return to that dark place. Whatever your path is, God and your angels will keep your path clear. Continually communicate with God and your angels, pray, meditate, and write.

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Addiction can take many forms, but all of them require recovery. No matter your life story or your situation, you can find hope in knowing that there are others who have been where you are and have come through it—and they are not just surviving, they’re thriving.


How to Get Your Life Back is a collection of true stories that are full of hope, freedom, and the promise of a bright future—stories that encompass every type of addiction, every individual journey, and every walk of life. However, they are all interwoven with a theme: you are not alone, you can be free, and you don’t have to do it on your own. God and your Angels are waiting nearby, ready for you to ask for the help needed to bring you from darkness into glorious light. They’re ready to help you find and become the person you were created to be and to live the life you were intended to live—as a member of your family, your community, your society.


Through surrender, support, and healing, you too can leave the darkness behind for good. Let these stories be an encouragement to those who need them and a promise of hope for future generations.

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