The Gift of Alcoholism and Addiction

March 31, 2018

Pain is an indicator that something is wrong within our spirit. When we feel like we don't fit in or that something is wrong with us, we are driven to drink, medicate or check out. The pain inside of us deepens as we reach for things outside of ourselves to numb that pain. An addictive lifestyle is like quicksand. The more we reach outside of ourselves to numb the pain, the further we sink into the disease. We stay stuck, and our pain is not relieved - just buried deeper inside.


The gift of alcoholism and addiction is that it can take us to a bottom that may serve to open the door to a new spiritual life and a new way of living. When we surrender the pain and emptiness and suffering that becomes too great to bear, we realize our thirst is for Spirit, and we can begin to know God. We can then be free from the mire of our disease to grow spiritually and have an opportunity to live with purpose.


When you are at your loneliest and most confused, you may be feeling like walls are closing in on you. Our disease wants us to be alone. Young or old; alcoholic, drug addict, food addict, sex addict, codependent; whatever, it doesn't matter! Our disease wants us to believe that there is no one who loves us and we have nowhere to turn. It's a lie! We are lured away from our Inner Self, our True Sense of being by substances and behaviors that create a false sense of belonging - driving us deep into isolation. When we feel trapped and can see no way out, we can be found; and if we are willing, we can be lifted out of that mire and once again join the world of the living.


You do not have to be alone. You do not have to remain in the darkness - call upon the Light! God and your angels are right beside you. They are only a thought or a whisper away. If you are willing, you need only to reach out for help, and yes, you can get your life back.