Being available for our future generations

May 22, 2018


One of the greatest joy in the world is sharing the message of recovery once you have discovered it. All you have to do is change your mind, and commit to living and growing. The 12 steps are a very practical way of spiritual living. You have been given a magical roadmap to discover who you are; it’s your compass. You are beautiful, sent from Heaven to be an Earth Angel, to assist with the healing of humanity. There has been no situation too difficult to overcome the guilt or remorse from the past. Your past is your greatest asset; always remember that. Your experience will help others. Your spiritual experience will have transformed you. No medications can cure this spiritual malady. Only a spiritual experience can.


An open mind is necessary for this Awakening. You do not even have to be fully committed. Your Higher Self and Angels will do the rest in a gentle, healing, loving way. All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed to begin the process. Once you see the reality of your life, spiritual principles will make so much more sense to you.


It is very important for me to let you know this way of life is exciting. You will be free like never before. I hope your perspective on addiction and its various forms will change. By supporting one another, the stigma is dissolving. It is not necessary for it to be a secret anymore. Living without addictions is truly wonderful; you can be clean and sober, free and happy.


You will feel your heart expand and open through this process. Practice calling on God’s White Light to come through you. You will be filled with Divine Love and clarity along with a peace of mind. The center of your heart is where you will be guided by the will of God and your Higher Self. This is where Divine Wisdom is known to reside. You will always know what to do when you go within. You will find your knowingness and be guided to serve. Your answers are always within, never outside of you. There is a Divine plan unfolding and guiding you with your life on your soul mission. Don’t go back to sleep; stay awake.


The sleeping children need to Awaken and be guided by the Light. You are now a Light-Bearer to assist on this earthly plane to Awaken souls that have been trapped by addiction. Never before have you had this amazing opportunity to serve humanity. You are a Divine Spark of the Creator. Use the keys of the Kingdom to open up the treasures of your soul. For you to tap into this and be a column of Divine Light, all distorted energy from drinking and addictions needed to be cleansed away. Remember, it was never your True Essence.

As for myself, I have had a spiritual awakening as the result of using these steps. It has been a journey I wouldn’t change for anything. I thank God for all the Angels with skin who have walked this journey shoulder to shoulder with me.


Now sober and clean, I am available for our future generations, for our children. We need to unite together with sober and chemical-free homes for our children, making safe environments for them to embrace and develop their intuitive and psychic abilities and skills.


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