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Inner Glow Oracle Deck

Inner Glow Oracle Deck

SKU: 364215376135191

Inner Glow

Lighting the World

From the Inside out


We created this 45-card oracle deck with the intention of assisting you in sparking your Inner Glow.

Let’s all raise our vibrations and bring Beautiful Light into our daily surroundings.

By stripping away stigmas, and presenting ourselves in our most Authentic Form, by doing so we align ourselves with the Divine.

We hope you find the Inner Glow Oracle Card Deck insightful and encouraging to assist you in restoring yourself to the amazing person you truly are. We all need that loving encouragement to move forward in creating the life we all want.


"Thank you for allowing us to be of service, and share our Inner Glow" -Brigitte & Noelle



Inner Glow products are beautifully and intentionally handcrafted products by the mother-daughter duo, Brigitte Parvin and Noelle Swonsen. Every product from Inner Glow is made while holding the highest intention from inception to completion. Brigitte and Noelle combine their specialties and infuse each item with Angelic Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Reiki, Love, Prayers, and of course their Inner Glow.

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