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2020 Thank You for the Love and Lessons

Wow, what a year 2020 has been.

Before it began, I chose my intention word, and it was Community. My word took on a whole new meaning.

On January 11th, I had an unexpected accident, yet accidents are always not planned by us anyway. I fell and shattered my knee in 14-16 places and needed a major surgery. Well, my global community family and friends stepped right in, carrying me through the whole thing.

Then our global situation happened. What felt like so much isolation became so much connectedness through Zoom.

I often looked back, asking myself why the accident occurred, and I can now see why. The way life was wasn't working, and something had to change. I was an "I got it" type of person, very self-contained, not knowing or allowing others to help because, well, I could do it. I had no other choice but to allow help and love because I was bedridden, then to a wheelchair, and then a walker. I have had to learn how to walk all over again. I had to be brave and let those old ideas and behaviors go because they were no longer serving me. The behaviors were like old security blankets, yet tattered and torn, no longer serving me because they kept people at arm's length distance.

I want to thank 2020 for the gift of love, lessons, and Community.

Now, as it ends approaching the new year of 2021, I have contemplated my Intention word for the year, and it is ... My Angels are saying Unity and Humanity!

What is your Intention word?

Angel Blessings,

Brigitte Parvin

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