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Clearing Karmic Patterns and Dissolving Them 2020 Has Brought Me More Insight and Clarity

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I teach a class of Yoga Nidra on Tuedays with my husband, Doug. I guide the students as he does the sound healing. It is a practice of deep meditation that is equal to 3 hours of sleep. The body goes into a restorative state on a cellular level that allows clearing patterns seven generations back. I have also learned what we resist persists. In class, we can release things we have been holding onto. Often, without recognizing how it has been affecting us. When something shows up, I encourage my students to be an observer to it, acknowledge it, and let it go. 2020 has been a year of letting go of behaviors that are no longer serving us. By practicing this gentle art of self-care, we are working to dissolve these old Karmic Patterns. 

Today I want to live a life free of drama and filled with Serenity.

Staying centered and grounded in the eye of the storm has kept me present in the simple things.

Do things that bring you great joy and fill your heart with gratitude. 

What are you practicing today to fill your heart and feed your soul?

Surrounding You with Angelic Love,


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