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Every Day is a New Beginning

This is a new day; don't let it slip away.

I often ask myself how I can make this world a better place. It always comes up with self-care and creating the best version of myself, including my shadow side, recognizing the humanness. Today I choose to respond rather than react. Remembering that I can get invited to a fight, I do not have to participate or bite a baited hook. I can say what I mean without saying it mean and address things without sweeping them underneath the carpet.

When I first got into recovery, my sweet grandma asked me, "Can't you just pretend that didn't happen?" I mentioned it would be like sweeping it under the carpet, hiding yet still there.

Collectively we have a lot of old-world ideas and paradigms that need shifting, and we can't remain silent or act as if they don't exist.

We need to become good listeners to acknowledge what has happened to heal.

Doing this will create the oneness and unity that is love with no strings or agendas attached.

We are in the process of the most significant awakening and a wake-up call ever in history right here right now. Billions of souls would love the opportunity to be here now.

Guess what beautiful you are here right now.

You may ask yourself, "What can I contribute?"

The answer is deep down inside of you.

Start by illuminating and radiating your beautiful light.

Help where you need to help because that is what we need to do!

Angel Blessings,

Brigitte Parvin

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