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Finding Joy in the Simple Things

A day's life seems to be moving so fast, yet it also feels like the movie Groundhog Day. I have noticed the seasons coming and going while practicing being more present and aware of my daily activities. The seasons bring up a lot of memories. I reflect on memories of what I was doing in previous years with travel and work. Now I am finding pleasure in simple things. One might think there isn't much to do with stay-at-home orders, yet I am seeing my relationships growing deeper. I love the connections with our family and community. Zoom has enlarged my global connections. One thing that has happened is we all now have a common bond. Everyone has been touched in one way or another by 2020.

It has been an opportunity to look within and connect with our Divine Team, whether it be God of your own understanding, Higher Power, Angels, Great Spirit, or Universe.

Things, as they were, weren't working. There is a long road ahead of us. We're in uncharted territory—discoveries and adventures. We will all be collaborating and supporting one another, creating Paradise on Earth.

I know for sure that God and our angels didn't bring you or me this far to drop us. Our Divine Team is carrying us and has our back!

Just call on them, and they are always there.

xoxo Brigitte

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