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Follow Your Heart With What Brings You Joy

It’s Let it go.

What are the things and thoughts weighing you down?

Being rushed? What are the things that distract you from being in the present moment? What are the things you’re letting slide by?

Connect with all that truly matters, focus on your heart. That is your heart center. The divine center of your heart. It’s really the simple things in life. Everything else is a distraction.

What are you going to do to get back to your center?

It’s time to stop and smell the flowers.

Watch nature.

Watch the birds.

Watch the clouds floating in the sky, taking shape right in front of you.

There are so many wonders of the world around you. Be in gratitude for the breeze. The gentleness of the air brushing your face, gently blowing your hair back. The birds, the flowers, the bees, the butterflies.

Find a way to detox your mind and your body. Do an assessment, an inventory, of what is paralyzing you.

The time is now to be in gratitude.

Realizing all around you there is beauty. It is a feast for your soul.

It all boils down to what really matters. You. Your connection with living beings and humanity. That, my friend, is connection, harmony, and community.

We need unity for humanity.

We are going to heal through this. I love you.

Follow your heart of what brings you joy, then put all you got into it!

What will you do to start?

Surrounding you with divine love!


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1 comentário

C Provence
C Provence
06 de set. de 2021

Thank you, much needed heart-felt words at this time...😍

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