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Hi’a Beautiful Souls

I have been on the Spiritual Path for quite some time!

One might wonder how long well… I will let you in on that... 1992 to be exact.

All I know is life is a journey, and due to living life on life’s terms, there has been an unfolding of insight and growth along the way.

I am a Empath.

On a daily basis I meet people just like you and I.

There are many questions that come up in discussion, such as:

-I can feel energy from others, I can feel it when I walk in a room.

-I have a knowingness of something about a situation without having the facts or tangible evidence.

-I have these great ideas that I know would make a difference yet I am not sure if that’s my life purpose.

Well my friend I would like to tell you, we will embark on this Journey together, unpacking what no longer serves you for your highest good.

You will be able to tap into your Intuition that divine guidance within.

I am going to take you through a process that I have used for many years with my Students.

You will be amazed at how Powerful as a Light-worker that you truly are!

You were born to shine bright on this Earth plane during this time right here, right now!



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