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Hope, in times of trouble

When I align myself, it allows transformation to happen.

When troubling times enter into our lives, we need to reach out to something greater than ourselves.

It is time for a Fear Detox. 

The remedy is keeping the faith by plugging into a power greater than ourselves! I have learned this from the 12 Steps.

Gratitude is a door that opens the gift of staying present. Some may call it counting your blessings. Instead of getting caught up in what to call it, I need just to do it.

Difficult times are for reflection. Treasure the ones you love. Let them know you love them. Love will conquer division. Love always wins!

I have hope for the present and future.

The Divine's love never fades. Connecting with the Divine and my tribe, I recognize seeing the truth that I am not alone.

My angels help me keep hope alive!

What helps you during challenging times?

Sending you lots of love,


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