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I See Beauty

Today I fulfilled a goal I am so excited to share with you!

One year ago this week, I had surgery on my knee. I had an accident, broke it, and shattered it into 14-16 pieces. It has been a long journey. Those who know my husband and I love hiking. I am a girly girl, yet, honestly, I love the earth when it comes to the outdoors I am in bliss.

I love seeing the beauty everywhere, from the smells of the dirt to the leaves and flowers.

Well, as I was recuperating, I just could not wait to go back to one of my local spots. It is called Stage Coach. We live out in an area famous during the Gold Rush Era, and this hiking trail is pretty well known. It is steep, invigorating, and everyone is always focused on a mission, being courteous with bikers, hikers, and horse riders.

Little did I know as we went today, this was huge, and I was so excited that I have gotten to this point in my healing.

I felt like a Fairy filled with Joy. My husband Doug encouraged me all the way. I had not even put on my hiking boots until today because it freaked me out, and he said, "It is just like putting your socks on. You can put those shoes on." I thought, oh yeah! It is amazing how you can block that out and have to learn all over.

Instead of every single person being focused and no eye contact, everyone today said, "Hello!" and asked, "How are you doing?" It was so beautiful and such a gift! Everyone was genuinely present.

I have so much hope for humanity. There is not only beauty when you look. There is also human kindness.

What beauty did you experience today?



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