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It's A Beautiful Day

Springing into Joy

We are approaching my absolute favorite time of year!

I love the beauty of vibrant colors of flowers that awaken my eyes and soul.

The birds are singing, and frogs are croaking.

It is lovely sounds to the ears.

The geese are honking, echoing sounds of love from our Creator, letting us know we are not alone.

I could go on and on with the magic that surrounds us in the springtime.

The fairies are in full swing dancing about, being seen by those who believe!

When I really think about it, each season truly is my favorite because each one brings the beauty of its own in the rhythms and cycles of nature—our precious earth.

We are stewards of our planet and as we navigate through life.

I always ask myself, How can you and I make this world a better place?

xoxo Brigitte

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