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Living In The Moment In Gratitude

In the midst of uncertainty, I can practice doing what’s in front of me to keep life simple. I can ask for a Power Greater than myself for help. The God of my understanding, Higher Power, Angels, or the Universe. The bottom line is asking for help; it puts things into perspective that I am not running the show.

There is a natural order to all things, and it will unfold according to divine purposes. If I think I do have control, that thinking takes me out of the state of Grace. I don’t say this lightly because I have experienced both of the extremes in life where I couldn’t function in normal life.

I had survival skills and not tools. I had suffered greatly and was paralyzed in fear. I have learned fear can have two meanings False Evidence Appearing Real or F#%* Everything And Run. I don’t want to live like a tornado any longer, been there done that! So I choose now to pause. To respond instead of react. To take a moment to examine, is that fear is really, False Evidence Appearing Real?

Simplicity in life brings great joy. If I live in the past, it will tip the scale for me to be depressed if I am worried about the future that will create anxiety.

Where am I choosing to live? I will practice living today, right now. I will take a deep breath in, exhale, and ask my Higher Power for help, remembering that God is in control!

Surrounding You with Angelic Love,


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