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Miracles & Magic

Trust in life and the belief that everything is unfolding in divine order.

Ugh, it’s always easier said than done.

Yet, this brings so much hope, as I learn to practice keeping things simple one day at a time.

This isn’t a new way of living, yet it can be a new way of being.

When I get overwhelmed with the way things are going globally, I have to hang on to knowing there are good people in this world. I do have hope in a power greater than myself and also in humanity.

It’s time to really be there for one another.

I don’t know what it’s going to take. Yet, I feel, see, and know that on the horizon, we are okay. We’re going to be okay.

If we are kind to ourselves, we can extend that to others.

If we’re full of hate, our world is very small.

It’s important not to fall into separation at this time.

Go into your heart space and ask your angels how you can be of service and a light in this world?

We’re going through a significant shift right now.

Good wins.

Love wins.

GOD and our Angels have us covered.

I believe in Miracles.

I encourage you to be in gratitude, and you will have your Miracles and Magic expanded too!

Surrounding you with divine love!


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1 Comment

C Provence
C Provence
Sep 13, 2021

Much needed reminder to see beyond the chaotic reshuffling that is going on...❣️

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