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Practicing the Serene Strategy of Living One Day At A Time

Life is happening this very moment, and it can be very loud. Many things are drawing our attention nowadays. I must frequently ask myself whether I react to life or respond to life dramatically or serenely? Sane or insane is what I am really asking myself.

When I process it, that may take a while. But with the spiritual tools for my well-being, such as meditation, walking in nature, yoga, and journaling. I can learn to practice the serene strategy of living one day at a time.

It’s so easy to hook people, getting them to fight and argue. For some, that is an adrenalin rush, an addiction in itself, getting anger and rage to run through their veins.

I grew up in a household where that was the norm. I believe that is where I picked up the survival skill of people-pleasing. Children were to be seen but not heard. I felt like I was invisible, a waste of life. Not deserving of the air I breathe. Today I know I need to take action, steps, believing, and knowing that I matter.

Some of us may have bad attitudes and simply only knowing how to survive over the years. We can be our own worst enemies. It’s time to try something else. Suppose we all did our inner work, looking at our shadow side, our inner bully. It’s 2020, and time we drop our rocks.

What survival skills are you hanging onto? What survival skills are you ready to let go of? While thanking it for the love and lessons?

Surrounding You with Angelic Love,


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