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Quality Problems

As I went to cook dinner tonight, I went to our small deep freezer and smelled something funky.

Uh oh! It was a familiar smell of fish.

Not something to be expected.

I called my husband, and everything was room temperature.

The odd thing is, first there was surprise, then a little anger, then racking the head for blame. Who left it open? Who was the last one in it? … etc.

The answer is it just was.

It was a bummer to have the food spoil, yet everyone is okay when you put things in life in perspective.

Quality problems. What a blessing the freezer wasn’t broken. It actually shut itself off from dust.

You may wonder, how can one have their night not ruined?

My recovery has taught me tools such as pause when agitated, The Serenity Prayer, and so many more.

We have a local friend and wanted to start getting food from him supporting his dreams, as we do this, we will be building Community.

In stepping back, today is a good day.

I have food in my belly, a roof over my head, and gas in the car!

Things I was taught in my early recovery to be grateful for this still hold true today!

I have quality problems….



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