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Rhythms and Cycles

What seeds are you planting?

As I get ready to plant our garden, there is a lot to clean up.

There is an overgrowth of natural plants in our yard.

I could have whacked them all down.

Yet when I see ladybugs, bees, and butterflies flying all around, it is more important to me to preserve their habitat.

Yes, I am a guardian of the environment.

Then after the native plants have their bloom, it’s time to create our garden for the forthcoming season.

It’s been a year with weeds along with some exciting growth expansion!

We can all do our part by selecting and choosing to do gardens, it is wonderful for the soul.

Grounding ourselves in nature, getting our hands in the soil, and enjoying the fruits of our labor as the season changes.

As humans, we go and grow through the same process.

The rhythms and cycles recharge us and are vital to our well-being. Health, wellness, and serenity are the best antidote for peace of mind.

Bloom and blossom where you are planted.

I choose to see love, kindness, and beauty that will create a field of harmony.



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