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The Future Won't Be What It Used To Be

There is the old saying, "One thing that's constant is change."

We have had a lot of change this last year. That's not new news. Everyone has, in one way or another, been affected by the pandemic. Some changes have been good, and some have been difficult.

I have been in long term recovery since 1992 for codependency and in 1994 from alcoholism. I can say this and admit it without any shame or guilt, for that's not the woman I am today.

There are some tools I would love to share because I have found myself practicing them for many years, and they have also helped me cope during these times.

Practice living one day at a time for 24 hrs.

Before recovery, I knew what both loneliness and isolation were. I had to learn how to pick up the phone, have a support team, and allow others to know when I was having an off day.

I learned how to invite a higher power of my own understanding into my life.

This helped me and continues to help me know now that I am not alone on this Earth school, and gives me so much hope.

I've learned how to let things go that I have no control over. Knowing that there is a Divine plan unfolding, and all is in Divine order, even though I may not agree or believe in it.

I have learned if I am having a funky day and not doing well, I can check-in on someone else to see how their day is going and get out of my "self."

One step at a time, shoulder to shoulder, we will get through this.

All I know is day by day, it's my job and life purpose to be of service and reach out to those in need. My Higher Power will take care of the rest! Always has and always will.

What guidance have you been getting lately to be of service to humanity and to all living beings?

Angel Blessings,

Brigitte Parvin

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