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Your Angels Have You Covered

Happy New Year

Goodbye, 2020. Hello, 2021!

I hope you all are doing well, healthy, and safe. Another year the holidays have come and gone. Now we are in that in-between stage.

What are your plans for 2021? I have chosen my word for the year, Unity and Humanity. Last year it was Community. Yes, there is a theme going on here. Before choosing my word, I pause, meditate, and wait. By doing so, I always feel and know my words are divinely guided.

With practice, I have developed a relationship with my guardian angels. I have learned how to trust and look for their signs and messages.

All you must do is call upon them for your daily activities and watch for the flow. You will feel more connected, calm, and filled with their loving presence as the day goes on.

We're all born with two guardian angels that are on assignment with us for our whole lives. Always know, trust, and believe that you are never alone.

Ask them to show you signs of their presence. It may come through the presence of a stranger, a song on the radio, feathers, or coins.

One of my favorites is number sequences. You can also ask for your angels to be in the presence of your loved ones for love and protection.

We can work together, making this World a better place by calling all Angels!

Call upon them! You've got nothing to lose and nothing but their loving presence to gain!

Do you have a beautiful Angel story you would like to share?

Angel Blessings,

Brigitte Parvin

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