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Your Divine Team, Higher Power, and Angels are always with you.

If you feel yourself navigating through life looking for answers, know that you have an internal compass. An inner knowingness, so to speak.

You were created to trust your gut.

Honor that without hesitation.

Sometimes life brings us significant challenges, and it feels like they can take over.

That is when it’s so important to meditate, pray, and journal. You will find the answers your seeking. It all leads back to love.

In the 12 step program, there are Spiritual principles behind each step.

These principles guide us as a road map with our soul growth.

Day by day, one day at a time, we can get centered and connected to right living.

Knowing our Higher Power leads the way.

We are not alone. Nobody is alone.

We have a spiritual team that can connect us all if we have the willingness to reach out to that power greater than ourselves.

As we navigate through this thing called life, one of the most important things I have learned is progress, not perfection.

Angel Blessings,


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