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Noelle Swonsen is a Hair Designer, Yoga Instructor, Empowerment Coach, Doula,

and Childbirth Educator.

Her focus is on coaching and empowering women and families.

Noelle is very passionate about the future generations and giving support not only

to the children but the whole family. 

As a yoga teacher for both adults and children, she focuses on the awareness of mind, body, and spirit. She helps guide awareness back to that childlike playfulness. 

She infuses love, healing, and security into everything that she does. 

Noelle was also the Illustrator of the International Oracle Card Deck Inner Glow. 

Noelle brings her life experiences into all of her Illustrations and Creations.

Noelle is a wealth of wisdom and encouragement for others. She openly shares her experience of being around codependency and addiction.

Bridging the gap and dissolving the stigma that surrounds those topics.  

She is a co-owner of Brigitte’s Serenity Studio and Studio Be Sound Healing Sanctuary in Auburn, California.

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Noelle Services
Yoga Nidra with Noelle

Yoga Nidra with Noelle

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