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Every Day We Have Two Choices

Every day we have two choices: we can choose fear or love. In this modern world that we live in, there are so many things that need to be addressed. Be present with them to know where you stand. Do what you can to make a difference. Choose love. Be a kind human being.

I have a client that was very high up in the Sierra Club. This person who is my friend would go toe to toe "to die on the hill" so to speak, for the cause.

After decades of hearing the ongoing dilemma of what the club was up against, one day, I asked him how the situation was progressing.

He replied, "We found a constructive way to work together. Hand in hand compromising to meet the goals with the vision of both."

Once both parties agreed to compromise, they could move further along in the project by building a way that worked and honored all.

My mentor, Polly, has shared with me people will die on the hill for their opinion. I believe this to be true. People want to be heard. The key is: can I listen and learn from another viewpoint with an open mind?

Perhaps if we all take the time to listen, we can build a better future for the greater good of the whole.

Here is the beauty of coexisting and honoring one another. Healing through this will transform our world.

We have got a long road ahead of us, yet the journey to healing has begun.

Keep shining your heart light.

What is it that you're taking steps towards for a better future hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, and heart to heart?

Surrounding You with Angelic Love,


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