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Am I Looking Through the Lenses of Fear or Love?

Which glasses am I looking at life through? It’s time for a new pair of glasses. How am I seeing this World and Humanity at this moment?

There is so much uncertainty right now.

That can be scary if I get caught up in that.

When I pray, meditate, and call upon my Spiritual Team, I know All is well!

My angels remind me to do what’s in front of me.

One day at a time. I have to ask myself frequently; am I looking through fear or love?

Well, I am choosing love, sweet love. That divine love, this is why we are here, to create that!

I have a whole lot of Gratitude going on. How about you? I know this year certainly looks like a different kind of Thanksgiving. And yet, as I look around within our community, I am witnessing a lot of support for one another. People are taking the time to appreciate one another so much more than ever before.

We’ve got each other, along with the Divine Assistance and Human Spirit, together, we can do this! For that, I am so grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! You are never alone. You are always surrounded by your Creator and Angels!



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