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Awake and Aware

Part of being human in a modern world is getting out of isolation and self-obsession.

It may feel comfortable, yet there is no oxygen in just existing in everyday life.

Our separation has us self-obsessed.

In modern-day living, we learn a way out of aloneness, practicing cooperating and compromise with each other, connecting with each other and life.

We need to learn how to give and take.

Living life asking a power greater than ourselves, our Higher Power, Universe, or Guardian Angels to help us. To connect us with one another, coming out of isolation, and becoming one with one another.

Living life in Community.

Living a grateful life being of service, sharing, being awake, being human.

It’s time we learn to grow with a spiritual experience and the many ways to one through addictive behaviors, quitting drinking, or where craziness in our behavior has been lifted. Leading to development and wisdom leading to a loving, service-orientated human heart.

Won’t you join me in living life to the fullest

One day at a time?



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