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Today I Choose to Look Towards the Light

Today I choose to look towards the light. One might wonder what that means. I am going to look for the miracles that show up in everyday living.

Humanity is going through a monumental shift right now.

You may be surprised.

We are all surprised at what this last year has brought up in our isolated time.

Did we ever think growth would show up like this?

We need to get back to Connection & Community.

We are at a historical point with change. Right now, we may feel distant from each other, yet closer than before.

I have no doubt at all that my Angels are protecting you and me.

I believe that they will help and guide you with navigating through these shifts and changes.

All they ask is that you believe and have no doubt.

We need each other.

We need to lay aside old ideas that are no longer serving us for our Highest Good.

Our Divine Team is here to assist us through.

You are not alone.

You are surrounded by your Creator of your own understanding and Angels.

We’ve got this One Day at a Time with each other!

We may not be able to touch hands, yet, we can connect and touch hearts.

I chose to look for the Miracles of the light, won’t you join me?

Surrounding you with Angelic Love,


Brigitte Parvin

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