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What signs have you been receiving of behaviors or situations that are no longer serving you?

Often in meditation, I will receive guidance from my higher power and angels of a word or simple idea that comes in a brief sign of what my next indicated step is.

Often I am surprised, questioning, really angels are you serious? You want me to...

It is always loving, often very courageous, and they are rooting me on to step out of my comfort zone.

Is it easy?

No not always.

I admit, often, I feel like Joan of Arc as I embark on the courageous next step to take.

People often say, "You don’t have to do the things you do. Give up. Throw in the towel. You are doing good."

In a 12 step program, I learned a saying, “Good is the enemy of best.”

I ask myself, why settle by being comfortable? Life is meant to expand and grow.

What are your angels guiding you to do to step out of your comfort zone?



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Loyce Smallwood
Loyce Smallwood
Jun 15, 2021


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